South Lyon Area Girl Scouts

11th & 12th Grade Girls


After extensive research and focus groups with girl members,

 GSUSA discovered that many girls identify socially and

 developmentally with others at their own grade level. To coincide with this way of thinking, GSUSA has regrouped the membership levels to reflect these needs and added a Girl Scout Ambassador level for girls in grades 11 and 12.  The word ambassador represents young women leaders, paving the way in a global world. At this level the girls increase independence, seek community connections and partnerships, and strengthen relationship strategies. Girls participate in activities that equip them to pursue their future goals, live their values, and refine their leadership skills.

Sample activities for Ambassador Girl Scouts:

Earn Interest Project Patches on topics ranging from 'Car Sense' to 'Graphic Communications' to 'Outdoor Survival'.

Ambassadors have progressed in outdoor exploration to the point where they may embark on week-long primitive camping trips, utilizing 'Leave No Trace' principles, or they may prefer kayaking, rafting, canoeing, and sailing trips.

Exploration of the arts: Ambassador Scouting might include writing and performing a play for the community or completing an apprenticeship with a local artist. 

Service projects: Senior/Ambassador Girl Scouting, with the girls planning and embarking on projects that will have lasting impacts on their communities. 

Seniors/Ambassadors may also participate in traditional Girl Scout activities such as selling Girl Scout cookies and volunteering their first aid skills in the community.
Earning a Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouting, for working on a project that benefits their community.

During their last year in high school, Ambassador Girl Scouts can earn the 'Bridge to Adult Girl Scouts' Pin by completing special activities that introduce them to the world of volunteering in Girl Scouts as an adult. Many girls choose to continue their involvement in Girl Scouting while attending a university or college by joining a Campus Girl Scout group.

These links have ideas for Ambassador Girl Scouts: