South Lyon Area Girl Scouts

                        2nd and 3rd Grade Girls                           

Ideally, Brownie Girl Scouts work together in groups of 8 to 12.  However, some troops are larger and work well with parent helpers. Girls get to earn Try-It badges and explore their community in bold and exciting ways.   They explore friendship, community awareness and age appropriate learning.  These activities all begin at the Brownie Girl Scout meetings and move out to the community & a wider world.


Sample Activities for Brownie Girl Scouts:

Visiting a zoo to feed and learn how Vets care for baby animals.

Marching in a community parade.

Work on Brownie Girl Scout Try-Its: decorating T-shirts or hats.

. Learn a  magic trick.

. Champion a local charity & raise funds or goods benefit their cause.

. Exploring life on the prairie or the local park in your area.

Planning an sleepover to celebrate their birthdays.

Deciding how many cookies to sell to earn money for trips.

Camping and making S'mores over a campfire.

Learning to swim at summer camp or in the community.


Troop & Group Leaders

Every Brownie Girl Scout belongs to a troop that is guided by Leaders who are taught by certified Girl Scout Trainers.   Girl Scout Leaders partner with the  girls, giving them opportunities to make decisions about their activities and to learn leadership skills within the group.  There are many positions available in the troop parents to join in and help out.  Make sure you let your Troop leader know what gifts you bring to the troop!


These links have ideas for Brownie meetings:


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