South Lyon Area Girl Scouts

   Junior Scouts: 4th and 5th grades

Junior Girl Scouts earn badges and discover what girl power is all

 about.  Through new activities and by learning to take charge of their own plans, they gain courage and self-confidence as they explore the world in partnership with their troop and group leaders.

Sample Activities for Junior Girl Scouts:

 · Staying at a Girl Scout camp and learning outdoor skills

· Sleeping over in a science or history museum.

· Perfecting soccer moves with a professional woman's soccer player.

· Working on the "Horse Rider" badge by learning to ride a horse

· Selling cookies to earn money for a trip to a theme park

· Going on a scavenger hunt for neighborhood or park litter

· Writing to a Girl Scout who lives overseas


Troop Leaders

Every Junior Girl Scout belongs to a troop that is guided by leaders who are taught by certified trainers. Leaders partner with girls as they explore new opportunities, learn decision-making skills, and gain the confidence to be trailblazers in service to their communities.

Troop Crests

Beginning with the Junior level, girls really start to bond together as a unit,.  They begin taking on more responsibility for themselves and others.  A troop crest is an important part of the Troops process.  The girls can choose a symbol which speaks to the characteristics of themselves and unite them as a group.  Click here to see a list for troop crests and their meanings.  If none of these seem to fit your troop, don't worry.  You can make one of your own!


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